The perfect moody day #24

I didn’t have a chance to write a blog post last week think it may have had something to do with a certain little person and spending nearly every day being monitored (don’t get me wrong I am NOT complaining) I am so happy all is ok. But I wanted to share what I got upto last weekend because it was truly FABULOUS! So… It’s a week late but last Saturday was the perfect moody day, it rained most the day (but the place we went was so cosy this really didn’t matter) one of my best friends had called me in the week and told me she would be picking me up at 9am – a treat would be awaiting for my birthday, a suprise! Eek! I love surprises.

True to her word, 9am, my taxi arrived and we were off, I had no idea where we were going – she was good at keeping a secret! We headed over to Sandbanks, my first suggestion was bodyboarding!!! It seemed to be the perfect day for water sports, the water was full of crazy people in wet suits bombing around the water making it look easy. My thoughts turned to the fact that there would most certainly not be a wet suit big enough for my big fat bump! Ha ha! Of course she wasn’t going to be making me do extreme sports today! 

We headed on through to the Sandbanks chain ferry – I still didn’t know where we were going, I’m rubbish at guessing! It was then revealed that we would be spending the day at the Pig on the Beach at Swanage, one of my favourite places, she knows me so well! I was going to be truly spoilt with a luxury facial booked in one of the Shepherds Huts and then a lunch date with my bestest would follow my morning of relaxation and pampering. I would of been happy to have just spent the day driving round with her as we don’t get to see each other that much at the moment so the prospect of spending the whole day gossiping and catching up was excitement in itself. 

Luckily it wasn’t too choppy crossing as it was pelting it down by this stage and we were on our way to the Pig! Eek! Oh so exciting! For those who havn’t been, on arrival the hallway meets you with a beautiful row of hunter wellies all lined up in their respective sizes, so twee, I know, but oh so cute and perfectly fitting for a day like ours, rainy and not flip flop weather (but they are my comfiest shoes right now). We took to the beautiful little steps down into the entrance lounge adorned with raging log burning fire (gorgeous) and I was met by the therapist who would be sending me into pampered princess status, after the usual forms etc I was heading out into the rain to the little gypsy style hut, super exciting! I didn’t even know they did treatments there so I couldn’t wait to try this out! 

On entering the hut after walking through the beautiful grounds and admiring Old Harry, even on a day like today it was so clear and picturesque. I got myself ready and laid on the comfy bed complete with elevated foot rest (anyone who’s been preggers before knows lying flat regardless on the comfort of the bed will feel like one is laid on a bed of stone if those legs don’t get elevated) so this was perfect, their range of organic beauty products were to be used on my face (which had extra layers of make up on today) as I didn’t know I would be having treatments, the poor therapist, I think it took her several cleanses just to get my slap off, but alas once removed I sank into an oasis of pure relaxation. The rain could be heard on the tin of the roof and I think I even did a little sleep snort (which pulled me right back into a wakeful state)… I hate it when that happens so embarrassing. After cleansing, exfoliating and massaging my cheeks,forehead etc and a hot and cold stone facial massage (actual heaven) I had a beautiful mask applied and not only did I get a hand massage I also got a foot one too! Couldn’t believe my luck, I just laid there the whole time thinking to myself I hope this doesn’t end anytime soon. Sadly after just over an hour of bliss she was done, all good things and all that. But it was truly heavenly and now I had lunch to look forward. 

(A teeny Robin came to say hello on my walk back) 

Now food I love, but food and flowers, easily pleased I accept, but, I LOVE food and flowers  (must find out where I can buy said edible flowers) these will at least make my food look pretty even if it is inedible! Like the facial – lunch was not to disappoint. Led into the beautiful ‘potting shed’ style conservatory all my favourite things vintage China and cutlery as far as the eye could see, simple but fabulously quaint. Gorgeous potted herbs as table decs, and the food, oh the food! Warm bread arrived with smokey salts and homemade Rosemary oil for dipping, delish, and that was just for starters. I am always sold on anything on a menu that contains blue cheese so I opted for the concoction of chicken, crispy panchetta with a blue vinney cheese sauce, have I got your taste buds going yet? For my good friend, as a veggie she had an equally tasty dish accompanied by sides of gorgeous green veggies, roasted beets and thrice cooked chips (yes they were as tasty as they sound) not being one to fain from sweet offerings, pudding had to be done, I’m unsure of what we ate now but one contained chocolate and lots of it and the other was a cheesecake based choice, absolutely divine. Rounded off with ‘piggy fours’ to take home in a cute little box and lunch was over. Delightfully full, our day came to an end. 

The perfect day, spent indoors in beautiful surroundings and company, with pampering, eating, drinking and gossiping on the menu, it was perhaps the best tonic I could of had last weekend. It was truly wonderful. I shall keep the memory for the months to come when I’m covered in milk, have not slept and have constant mummy duties to uphold (I can’t wait). But I will always remember that moody day, when I declared ‘I just want to wear my leopard print bumbag in Ibiza’, maybe that will be our next ‘treat’ who knows! For now Swanage has done me just perfectly, and I have to think of a way to return the treat to the ‘bestest’, hmmm a tricky one to top! 


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