I want a boring year *shouts* I WANT A BORING YEAR… #32

On thinking about the year that has gone before us and the year that lies ahead I wanted to reflect on some positive things that we have to be thankful for this past year. The bad stuff is immaterial, It’s the good stuff that will continue to strengthen us. So here goes… (they aren’t in any particular order) 

1. We got pregnant

2. We had Vinnie

3. Archie started swimming lessons

4. Archie can swim 

5. Scott started a new job 

6. Scott got an even better job 

7. I was fully booked with work 

8. Archie turned 5

9. Betty turned 1 

10. My granny turned 90 

11. Vinnie smiled

12. Archie ate an apple 🍎and has continued to eat one EVERYDAY (anyone who knows us knows this is a great thing) 

13. I had a birthday 

14. Scott had a birthday

15. We had an amazing holiday abroad 

16. We carried on living in our beautiful home

17. Both sets of our parents continued to love and support us throughout the year 

18. Vinnie is growing

19. Archie is growing

20. Me and Scott need to loose weight as we have been growing too 🤣

21. We have some beautiful friends who continue to be there for us

22. We love each other 

23. Betty continues to be talked about

24. Archie learnt to read fluently 

25. We celebrated Vinnie’s first Christmas.

These are just some of the highlights of the year, my little list – I wanted to focus on all the positive things that have happened this year – there have, as many who follow my blog know, been some less positive things but these don’t matter anymore because they have passed. We are here and we are growing as a family and things are pretty damn good, we have hard days, as everyone does but we are so lucky to be here and have our health and love for each other. 

So my first step for 2017, be more positive, anyone who knows me knows that generally I am that type of person! Some of my blog may come across as sad and negative but this is mainly because when I write a lot of it is what’s in my head, how I’m feeling at a particular moment in time and not how I am all day everyday. Writing all that stuff down helps me to focus and move on. But, I know a positive mind is a happy one, the bad times are behind us and the good times are ahead now. 

I am declaring right here, right now, for all to read that I want a BORING year! Yes, a plain, simple, boring 2017. I want to watch my big boy grow, watch my little one hit his milestones. I want to continue loving my husband, living in my home, doing my housework, cooking the dinner, going to work, changing nappies, wiping bums, doing the food shop, going to bed, getting up in the night, getting up in the morning, doing the school run, enjoying the sunshine, complaining about the rain, complaining about the school run, asking Archie to hurry up and put his coat/shoes on, asking Archie to tidy up his toys, tidying up Archie’s toys as he never listens to me! All the mundane, everyday things, that actually deep down I love because they mean life is happening, everything is ok and things are just normal. This year I don’t want drama, I just want to live, calmly and peacefully. I will take nothing for granted and be happy to do all these things every single day as my family grows. In one years time I want to write to you all again and report just that ⬆️

I wish everyone of my friends and family a prosperous 2017. To all those who follow our family and like, share, send messages and comments of support know it is appreciated and always provides comfort and the knowledge that we can get through everything life throws at us. 

I can’t wait to watch Betty’s bro’s grow and flourish this year and I hope you will join us for the journey. Of course I wish she was here, but we’ve been through that one. Her name will live on through my blog and my boys that much I know and am so proud of. 2017 I welcome you with open arms, my pages are blank I’m ready to write a new story. 


I want a boring year. That is all. 


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