Legoland… #12

Archie had a staff training day Friday so we took the opportunity to go to Legoland without the crowds. It was a great day and there were no queues at all which is great when you are out with an impatient 5 year old! We did the same trip last year for Archie’s 4th birthday when I had Betty in my tum! This time we hadSunshine – I’m just hoping that next time we go we will take our two lovely children (fingers crossed) last year we spent a lot of time queueing, getting to the front then walking back through said queue after Archie decided he didn’t like the look of the ride! 

We used our good old Tesco vouchers – which make it so much more doable because I have to admit that at £49 each, it’s just not really affordable for us. Hubby took the day off work as I wasn’t sure how many rides I would be able to go on! Lucky he did as the majority said ‘not suitable for pregnant women’ I’m sure they have to say that as let’s face it who’s willing to test out something when your pregnant to see if it’s ok! So the 2 boys were well away on the roller coaster, log flume etc! It was nice for them to have some time together aswel, Scott works away in the week so is only home at weekends so our time together is always precious.

My favourite part of the day was seeing all the oversized Lego characters! I have to say I think I love Lego just as much as Archie! And having been to America (Disneyland) together before we had children it reminded me of meeting all the characters there and posing for pics with them! Our favourite family ride was called Atlantis, an underwater submarine that allows you to see not only marine life but Lego divers and sea gods! Archie loved it and with sharks and ‘nemos’ swimming right past the sub window it was a fab experience.

An excited Archie…

We took a picnic lunch, which was great as it meant we could just plonk ourselves down and re-fuel quickly whilst Archie watched a show of the three little pigs and ate his lunch standing! In fact he had scoffed a tub of popcorn walking round for most the morning so he didn’t eat much lunch! I’m not really one that worries about things like that – it’s always nice to just go with the flow on days out and he just grazed through the day so there was no chance of him starving! 

We spent a full day there and had decided we would stay over night nearby so had a hotel booked for the night, nothing fancy just the Holiday Express but it meant after a long day walking round we only had a 10 minute car journey and a nice trip to Pizza Express for tea to look forward to (also courtesy of our Tesco vouchers) we do most our shopping and get petrol in Tesco so we always seem to accumulate a lot of vouchers! We walked to a local chain and then had a nice walk back to our room, missing the rain that pursued after we got to the restaurant. 

The iPad was out by the time pud arrived…

It was the first time we have been on a day trip and not taken a buggy for Archie! At 5 now he doesn’t need one – but he can be a lazy boy at times so I wasn’t sure how he would get on! But apart from the odd venture up onto dads shoulders he did so well and walked most the day! He was in bed late (I think it was almost 10pm) by the time we finished our dins and got back to our room but in true Archie style after me and Scott had hoped for a lie in he was up at 6.15am! Oopsie! He couldn’t wait to get down for brekkie! But he actually laid in his bed for a couple of hours and watched his iPad meaning we got a few extra hours in bed even if it was accompanied by the odd jump, kick, squeal, meaning it was a broken couple of hours so felt like we too had been up since just gone 6am! 

Our day out even resulted in us getting our last Disney Mini figure!!! And even better, at Legoland they write the name of every figure on the back of the packet! Anyone who collects mini figures will know that generally you have to feel your way though the packs to complete the collection often resulting in doubles! Which at £2.49 each can be a pricey exercise! So basically I wish we had gone there when they first came out! Ha ha! But this collection is fab! I love Disney! And it’s great to have the cute Cheshire Cat now! Archie has proudly lined them up on the shelf in his room – I wonder how long they will stay there! 


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