News Years Resolutions – BACK TO SCHOOL…#22

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again! I can’t believe 7 weeks of summer is over! It’s crazy! I remember thinking how were me and Archie going to fill our 7 weeks – and effortlessly (with lots I still feel we havnt managed) we have done it and we have had a fabulous time together. I can honestly say I have loved having my beautiful little one at home with me, don’t get me wrong at times when he’s on conversation overload I have wanted to put some ear plugs in for 5 mins peace! But that aside I have loved his company and not having to rush around and be in our normal routine. 

As I sit on the eve of the new school year, I am feeling happy to now be returning to our little routine, but also sad to not have my boy around the house everyday (although I will be loving everything being tidy again) ha ha! I can remember how I felt this time last year when he was going to be starting his first day of school, I was feeling nervous, sad and excited all at the same time. This year I have no anxieties for him, I know he is going back to see all his wonderful friends and his school is really quite fabulous! 
It feels a bit like NYE – I have all these ideas in my head for the start of the new school year, things that we get to have a fresh start on for the year ahead, let’s see…

•walk to school everyday

•leave the house on time 

•cook a wholesome meal from scratch everyday for the boys

•do our reading every night

•polish Archies shoes every week! 

I predict that just like most New Years resolutions I will be lucky if I manage all of the above for more than a week! Will keep you posted…

So tonight, as all the children sleep, recharging those batteries for the start of school life again thoughts for me turn to Autumn which as everyone knows I am looking forward to, lots will change for us over the coming weeks, all being well for the better. As always we are all trying to be the best parents we can be – the days come and go and time moves quickly, this was another goal of mine to reach in our Sunshine journey, the countdown is well and truly on now especially as we are in single figures. I am starting to think about wether I should get any baby things out – should I wash the clothes? Get the Moses basket out? Pack my hospital bag? All of which I’m sure I will share if and when I do! 

One way or another things will change for us again soon – I’m continuing to try and stay as positive as possible and believe that we will get to keep our baby this time. But first, time to wave my first babe off to start his journey into Year 1! He is growing up so quickly! I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us, I love watching him grow and learn and I know how fortunate I am to have the chance to experience it with him. 

So to all mummies and daddies who will wave their little ones off tomorrow, be it for the start of their school journey or the continuation of one they have already begun, remember those partents who have little ones in heaven who should be embarking on that journey tomorrow but won’t, they are so brave, not because they want to be but because they have to and we should all have an extra kiss in the morning when we say goodbye because we are so fortunate to get that chance. 


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